Februari Festival 2020 zo16feb

A creator of immortal works

Sunday 16 February 2020

Silvia Careddu flute | Jörg Schneider oboe | Alexander Glücksmann clarinet | Christoph Knitt bassoon | Sebastian Schindler French horn | Ishay Shaer piano | Antje Weithaas violin | Georgy Kovalev viola | Gideon den Herder cello | Peter Nilsson piano | Stephanie Desjardins soprano | Gijsbert Kok organ

 3.30 p.m. | de Nieuwe Kerk

npo4This concert will be broadcast in the evening on 16 February by NTR Radio 4


Beethoven’s works stand out through their original form, emotionally charged content, astonishing musical variation and inspiration, highly unusual harmonies and a spiritual dimension. Immerse yourself once again in the depths of Beethoven’s soul.


Beethoven: Fugue in D major, WoO 31 | Pieces for mechanical clock, WoO 29/33 | Peter Stamm: 15 Bagatellen for woodwind quintet - Dutch premiere | Beethoven: Various Songs, including An die Hoffnung, Op. 94 | Andante favori in F major, WoO 57 | Septet in E flat major, Op. 20


Beethoven: Fugue for organ

The only work for the organ ever written by Beethoven, in 1783 (!), cannot be missing at the Februari Festival. It clearly dates from the time that he regularly studied the works of the great Bach.

Peter Stamm: 15 Bagatelles for Wind Quintet

A lot of music has been written in the past for wind quintets. Peter Stamm noted a dwindling enthusiasm for this combination and decided to arrange compositions that were suitable for this combination. One of these was a series of bagatelles for Piano Solo by Beethoven. He chose 15 from a diversity of opus numbers, each of which is a gem unto itself and is unfortunately not performed frequently enough, even in its original version.

Beethoven: Various Songs, including An die Hoffnung

Ode to Hope was Beethoven’s gift to his beloved Josephine Brunsvik. She frequently performed this song at musical soirées, but without mentioning the name of the composer. This is hardly surprising: the song was nothing less than a declaration of love, something that was completely contrary to the rules of decorum in this era.

Beethoven: Andante favori

Originally intended as the Andante movement of the Waldstein Sonata, a friend of Beethoven’s declared that the sonata was ‘long enough’ and could certainly do without this slow movement. Beethoven listened to his advice and rewrote the sonata. The original movement, however, enjoyed tremendous popularity, causing Beethoven to give it the moniker ‘favori’.


Beethoven: Septet, Op. 20

‘This is my Creation’, Beethoven is said to have confided to his teacher Joseph Haydn following the première performance of his Septet in Vienna on 2 April 1800. In truth, this dazzling work is nothing less than Beethoven’s 0th: a study for his First Symphony. The following words are written in the score: ‘Dedicated to the Empress Maria Theresia’: yet another explanation of this work’s popularity, which was performed regularly in its original version as well as a diversity of arrangements.


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Februari Festival 2020 zo16feb