Sunday 18 February - 3.00 p.m.

Februari Festival zondag 18 februari 2018
Februari Festival zondag 18 februari 2018

Autumn & Spring

Quartetto di Venezia, Antje Weithaas, Maria Milstein, Quirine Viersen, Ishay Shaer, a.o.

Herbst und Frühling (autumn and spring): ripe and green. To conclude the festival, we offer a combination of chamber music works from Mendelssohn’s early as well as later years, in combination with piano miniatures by Robert Schumann and the poignant Variations on a Theme by Robert by Clara Schumann, which so unequivocally expresses her love for her husband. When she played her new composition for Johannes Brahms he immediately responded with his own variations on the same theme: his Opus 9.

LOCATION: Nieuwe Kerk


Quartetto di Venezia
Antje Weithaas - violin
Maria Milstein - violin
Timur Yakubov - viola
Marie-Louise de Jong - viola
Quirine Viersen - cello
Ishay Shaer - piano
Sofya Gulyak - piano
Members of the Animato Quartet


Robert Schumann: Kinderszenen, Op. 15
Felix Mendelssohn: String Quintet No. 2
Clara Schumann: Variations on a theme by Robert Schumann, Op. 20
Felix Mendelssohn: Octet, Op. 20


In 1840, Schumann selected thirteen small piano works that he called cheerful, soft and melodic snippets of music. Clara, his newly-wedded wife, liked to joke that he was just like a little boy. This may have been the reason why he called the thirteen miniatures Scenes from Childhood. Other sources contest that Schumann wrote the pieces out of home sickness for his happy youth.

We can hardly imagine this today, but Mendelssohn decided to refrain from publishing his second string quintet out of dissatisfaction with the last movement. Today, it is identified as a strong work from the autumn of his life. The slow movement contains what many considered to be the most moving passages of his entire oeuvre.

Variations on a theme by Robert was Schumann’s 43rd birthday from his wife. Many years later, Brahms would also write variations on this theme and dedicate them, in turn, to Clara. The theme used by both composers is the fourth movement of Schumann’s Bunte Blätter (Coloured Leaves), Opus 99.

It is and remains a small miracle that Mendelssohn was able to write a masterpiece such as the Octet for eight string instruments at the tender age of sixteen. There are no better words to describe Mendelssohn’s intention with regard to this piece than in his own words: “The Octet must be played in the style of a symphony in all parts; the pianos and fortes must be precisely differentiated and be more sharply accentuated than is ordinarily done in pieces of this type.”

* Programme is subject to possible changes.



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Autumn and spring