Ludwig Van



Ludwig Van

Thursday 13 February 2020

 3.00 p.m. | Het Nutshuis

Directed by Maurico Kagel


Playful cultural criticism is, in many ways, Kagel’s raison d’être. His film Ludwig Van, set in Germany in 1970, features a largely invisible Beethoven. He sees how he is remembered: as a hero – yet carved in stone; a monument. The viewer is witness to a Beethoven debate in which the German critic Heinz-Klaus Metzger makes himself completely ridiculous by declaring in ready-made, dead-pan Adorno jargon why Beethoven is still completely misunderstood by all the von Karajans of this world and must be protected from his admirers. Kagel is seated next to him and barely speaks. He only smiles: a smile that says more than a thousand words. A fascinating documentary exploring the significance of Beethoven in the 1970s.